African Mango Burn is formulated from African Mango (Irvingia gabonensis) and is the latest natural weight-loss supplement. The African Mango fruit contains the extract Irvingia, which has been used for a number of medicinal purposes for centuries and prized for its nutritional value. The extract has recently been noticed for its exciting weight-loss properties. Clinical studies of the effectiveness of African Mango have shown amazing results: patients lost an average of 5-10 pounds per month more than patients taking a placebo, without making any changes in their diet and exercise routine. Weight-loss results were evident in as little as two weeks. Continued use of the supplement did not reveal any side effects, which established the African Mango as a safe, natural way to lose weight. African Mango Burn is a highly-concentrated formula of African Mango fruit in an easy-to-take daily supplement.

Further examination of African Mango fruit revealed more astonishing health benefits. The extract is effective in burning stored fat at an accelerated rate, particularly in the abdomen, and is an effective appetite suppressant, without the jittery side effects of pharmaceutical weight-loss products. African Mango increases the effectiveness of Leptin, a naturally-occurring hormone in the body that works to control the appetite. Overweight people build up a resistance to Leptin, limiting the body’s ability to burn fat, and causing many dieters’ weight-loss struggles. African Mango improves the performance of Leptin, increasing the metabolism and suppressing appetite. You naturally eat less food, and burn more fat, especially targeting the danger zone of the abdominal fat, which is linked to a number of health risks, including certain cancers. This amazing extract also contains a high concentration of beta-carotene, a nutrient shown to prevent cancer.
African Mango has also been shown to reduce cholesterol, reducing the level of lipids in the blood and increasing “good” cholesterol, consequently, also lowering blood pressure. Additionally, African Mango has demonstrated effectiveness in lowering blood sugar, making it beneficial for patients with diabetes.

African Mango Burn combines the revolutionary African Mango extract with additional natural ingredients that contribute to the complete weight-loss supplement and boost metabolism, suppress the appetite, reduce cholesterol, and decrease cravings. African Mango Burn is the only African Mango formula with ingredients that address all of the factors of safe and effective weight loss.

African Mango Burn contains the most potent and highest concentration of African Mango available in the market. The African Mango Burn formula gives you all of the weight-loss benefits of African Mango – higher metabolism, maximum fat burning, and most effective appetite suppressant – as well as all of the additional health benefits – lower cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar – to give you one of the best and safest weight-loss solutions, providing maximum weight loss without the risky ingredients and dangerous side effects found in pharmaceutical diet pills. Win the weight loss battle! Lose weight naturally and safely, and improve your overall health with African Mango Burn.