Anthony - Lafayette, LA
I wanted to stop eating so much, lose some weight and get my cholesterol numbers down for a healthier heart. I am glad to say African Mango has really curbed my appetite and as a result, I have lost 3.5 pounds in two weeks. I am happy about that and healthier.
Michael - Weatherville, CA
I have been taking the African Mango Burn for a couple of weeks and so far have noticed that I don't seem to be as hungry, nor have I been inclined to snack as much as before. It does not have a bad aftertaste, as some other products have had. So far so good.
Gina - Marquette, MI
African Mango Burn definitely has increased my level of energy and after a month of taking it, I've already lost 12 lbs.
Carol - Baltimore, MD
I really want to get toned up around my midsection and tried African mango burn after watching the Dr. Oz Special. So far it's been 3 weeks and I've really seen a big decrease in my appetite and have lost a decent amount of fat.